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Geriatric Center of Western New York

The Geriatric Center of Western New York at DeGraff Memorial Hospital specializes in the care of patients over the age of 70, with an emphasis on those dealing with complex medical issues and/or memory loss. The center's goal is to maximize quality of life by providing the individualized attention patients deserve.

Seniors have unique needs that require special expertise. Whether patients are experiencing the natural changes of aging or medical problems that require more care, the center uses a multi-disciplinary approach to address all aspects of the aging process:

  • Physical changes
  • Psychological problems
  • Social needs
  • Routines of daily life

The Geriatric Team can act in a complementary role with patients' primary physicians or provide all primary care.

Patients receive comprehensive care from a multi-disciplinary team of doctors that specialize in geriatric services as well as nurse practitioners, nurses and support staff all dedicated to working with older patients.

Geriatric Specialist Physicians:  Kenneth Garbarino, M.D., Donna Desmone, M.D., Robert Stall, M.D., Danielle Kwakye-Berko, M.D.

As a primary teaching site for the University at Buffalo Medical School Geriatric Center of Excellence, fellows, residents and students may help in the delivery of care under the supervision of Geriatric Specialists.

Additional Services

  • As the Western New York site for the Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance, comprehensive evaluation and treatment of people with memory loss are offered.  When patients and families are given a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease by their physician, it is often followed by many unanswered questions.  In reality, there are a number of types of dementias as well as a number of reasons why an individual may exhibit signs of dementia.  The Geriatric Center of WNY and Alzheimer’s Association, Western New York Chapter, assist individuals in finding an accurate dementia diagnosis through expert medical professionals specializing in geriatric care and providing appropriate interventions, education and support.  The staff of the Lois Hooper Center for Memory Care work hand in hand with primary care providers to deliver the one on one interaction needed to bring about that better understanding.   Once referred, the collaborative team works to clarify a diagnosis, identify specific elements of the memory problem and formulate a plan for care.
  • For patients requiring hospitalization, a special inpatient geriatric unit dedicated to the care of elderly patients is available at DeGraff Memorial Hospital. This Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) unit provides a specialized environment to achieve good health after an illness or injury while keeping the sensitive needs of the older patient in mind.
  • Short–Term Rehab Care after an injury, illness or as a result of a chronic disease is available in the acute care Medical Rehab Unit of DeGraff Memorial Hospital as well as the Subacute Rehab Unit within DeGraff Skilled Nursing Facility.
  • Long-Term Care in the Skilled Nursing Facility at DeGraff Memorial Hospital offers compassionate and comprehensive care to meet long-term nursing needs.

Trained specialists can also assist patients and caregivers with:

  • Transportation issues
  • Home care services
  • Respite services
  • Short- and long-term placement
  • Daycare programs
  • Housing
  • Entitlement of benefits
  • Linkage to social services program (Working in conjunction with existing services already in place.)
  • Educational materials
  • Information and referrals on community services
  • Educational programs
  • Facilitation of family meetings