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Patient Education Materials

Prenatal Care Guide

Activities To Help Your Recovery

Learn about regular activity that helps improve circulation, prevent blood clots, prevent muscles from getting weaker, and helps prevent any respiratory problems.

Prenatal Care Guide

Smoking Cessation

This booklet guides you from thinking about stopping smoking through actually doing it. You will find a variety of tips and helpful hints on how to contest your smoking habits, no matter at what point you are in the quitting process.

Prenatal Care Guide

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Recognize and change unhealthy habits and establish new, healthier ones. Cardiac rehabilitation can help you recover faster and gain strength, gradually increase your exercise tolerance, reduce risk factors to help prevent future heart problems and provide valuable support.

Prenatal Care Guide

Subacute Rehabilitation

Experience seamless, innovative treatment in a friendly and enjoyable environment. Participate in individualized therapy sessions up to seven days a week with diverse therapy personnel staff.

Prenatal Care Guide

Nutrition Counseling & Education

Nutrition counseling can help to lower your chances for developing health problems. Adapting healthy lifestyle changes and improving your nutrition helps to reduce the risk factors that lead to illness.

Prenatal Care Guide

Colonoscopy Screening

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that allows a doctor to look inside the entire large
intestine. Learn more about the colon, preparation and the procedure.