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Buffalo General Medical Center
A Building, 2nd Floor
100 High Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

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Imaging Services

Buffalo General Medical Center provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic and interventional imaging services for both inpatients and outpatients.  Kaleida Health’s radiologists and technicians utilize the latest imaging technology, which provides the most detailed images available.

The following imaging services are offered at the Buffalo General Medical Center:

Bone Density Testing
A bone density test is used to determine if an individual has osteoporosis or is developing osteoporosis.  An X-ray is taken of the hip or spine, which measures the presence and amount of calcium and other minerals inside the bone.
Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA)
The CTA's 64-slice technology offers outstanding advantages for assessing the cardiovascular system, including the ability to scan the heart within& five seconds to provide high quality images of the heart and coronary arteries with remarkable resolution.
CT Scan
Provides routine CAT Scan imaging on a 24-hour basis. Imaging-guided, interventional procedures are also performed.
Diagnostic Radiology
Provides general radiology service (X-rays) for routine radiology procedures and supports the specialty units of the Emergency Department, Surgery, GI, Urology and Orthopedic Clinic.
Interventional Radiology
Specially-trained radiologist and staff utilize advanced imaging technology to perform minimally invasive vascular and non-vascular procedures as an alternative to surgery.
Provides abdominal, neurological, vascular and orthopedic magnetic resonance imaging.
Nuclear Medicine
By using radiopharmaceuticals, technologists can evaluate organ function and perform nuclear cardiac imaging.
Certified sonographers provide diagnostic and ultrasound-guided interventional procedures.