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Orthopedic Program at Buffalo General

The Goal

The goal of Buffalo General Medical Center's Orthopedic program is simple: return patients to normal function as quickly and safely as possible. In addition to the latest technology and procedures, the program’s highly-trained team of physicians and personalized therapy services personnel work together to deliver care that takes the time to understand the patient’s personal needs.

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Expertise and Innovation

As Chief of Orthopedics, Dr. Krackow and his team have been leading the nation in computer-assisted total knee replacement since 1997. Dr. Krackow invented a system to help surgeons make more precise decisions regarding joint placement, and Buffalo General was home to the first surgery in the world to use that innovative technology. Called the Stryker Knee Navigation System, it dramatically improves a surgeon’s precision during a knee replacement procedure by using a real-time information-processing system that provides in-depth information when it matters most: during surgery. The system assists the surgeon in properly aligning the implant, which establishes a higher degree of accuracy and control.

Collectively, the orthopedic team has decades of experience in helping to return individuals to the most comfortable, mobile life possible.