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Diversity & Inclusion
Site Diversity Councils

Last updated: 07/16/2009


The mission of the Kaleida Health Diversity Council is to educate, increase awareness and acceptance of what diversity means in a multi-cultural work environment. The Council will accomplish this goal through a collaborative effort of administration, site leadership and staff working together to identify the many facets of diversity and to educate themselves as well as their peers, about the myriad of issues and concerns that encompass diversity in the work place. The Council will provide a forum for enlightened discussion, education and dissemination of ideas about what diversity is in a multi-cultural work environment.


The Site Diversity Council (SDC) will serve as an advisory body to the Site Leadership team. Its purpose is to foster effective diversity management practices and to promote initiatives that are designed to educate our workforce and increase diversity awareness.
The SDC is a forum to discuss diversity issues, share ideas and information on diversity matters and events, and collaborate on and implement diversity initiatives. The SDC is the body that identifies issues and initiatives that are important to the workforce whom they represent. The SDC develops and delivers responses to these issues that are focused on educating and raising awareness in a way that fosters an inclusive, diverse workforce.

SDC Team Responsibilities:

  • Develops and supports initiatives aimed at promoting diversity throughout the worksite and Kaleida Health.
  • Serves as a communication channel through which site employees will be able to express ideas that relate to diversity issues.
  • Supports the Site Leadership Team in fostering an atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, equity and diversity at the site.
  • Works in conjunction with the Corporate Steering Council (CSC) to share information and facilitate initiatives
  • The SDC shall have as members, the Site Leader, HR Director and the Diversity Coordinator. The Site Leader will be the Executive Sponsor for the SDC. The HR Director and Diversity Coordinator will act as owners/co-leads of the SDC.
  • The SDC must have in its membership, at least one member of the Corporate Steering Council (CSC).
  • The remaining members should reflect the breadth and depth of roles at the site and must reflect the gender, racial, age and other characteristics of the members of the diverse population who work at the site.
  • The size of the SDC shall be determined based on the size of the site represented and but shall be no larger than 15 members.
  • The initial body will determine the frequency of meetings; however, it is recommended that the meetings are minimally monthly.
Diversity Council Chairs:




Telephone #

Buffalo General

Pam Richardson

HR Assistant


DeGraff Memorial

Maria Cindrich

Sr. Employee Relations Specialist



Simmone Washington

Diversity Coordinator


Millard Gates

Nicole Stenhouse

Sr. Employee Relations Specialist


Millard Suburban

Shawn Patton

Employee Relations Specialist



David Vari

Employee Relations Specialist