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Autism Spectrum Disorders

To request a screening or appointment, the parent/guardian should call (716) 878-7600.

We will ask a few questions to determine whether the Center is appropriate for the child. 

Next, we send the parent a packet of information to be completed and returned in the pre-addressed, postage paid envelope.

We request a lot of information before the appointment to maximize the time with the physicians during the visit.

Once the information is received, we will schedule an appointment. The appointments take approximately 2 hours – 30 minutes with each specialist.

During the multidisciplinary evaluation, each child is seen by a developmental pediatrician, child neurologist, and child psychologist. After the visit, the team discusses the child and determines the diagnosis and/or need for any additional testing or services.

After the report and testing (if needed) are complete, we schedule a meeting with the caregiver(s), one of the providers and the Center’s Social Worker to discuss results, recommendations and answer questions.

The Center offers a monthly parent group and quarterly newly diagnosed information sessions for parents and adult family members of children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.