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Cinemavision Goggles

CinemaVision Goggles in use.Cinemavision Goggles, now available for patients receiving an MRI within Imaging Services at Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo, offer the opportunity to avoid anesthesia, eliminate claustrophobic feelings, reduce total scan time and increase overall comfort while enjoying a private showing of a favorite movie, television show or music.

Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo was the first Imaging Center in Western New York to routinely offer this to patients. The Cinemavision video goggles and headset are connected to a television, DVD player or radio that enables patients to view a TV show or movie as though watching it on a wide screen. Patients are fitted with the headset and goggles worn throughout the procedure. The headset also includes a microphone for patients to speak and be heard directly by the technologists performing the scan.

There are several clear benefits of having the Cinemavision goggles for patients, especially younger patients who are more comfortable and willing to undergo an MRI without the effects or risks of anesthesia. Each scan and the recovery also occur much more quickly and efficiently. While these are certainly advantages for children, they are also available for WCHOB's adult patients.

To schedule an MRI appointment with the Cinemavision Goggles, please call (716) 878-7129.

Cinemavision Goggles for MRI Patients Videos