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Doctor at bedsideMedical/Dental Staff

Thank you for your interest in Kaleida Health. 

In order to receive privileges at Kaleida Health, applicants are required to complete the Medical/Dental Staff Application form and an online learning tutorial.

Please refer to the FAQ section if you have questions on the application process. If you need assistance please call the Central Verification Office at (716) 859-5501.

Step 1

Application LinkComplete the Medical/Dental Staff Application
A check sheet within the document will assist you in completing the form and submitting all required information.

Step 2

Complete the Online Learning Tutorial
We require all new providers to complete this online tutorial to ensure compliance with the following areas: Patient Satisfaction, Quality, Infection Control, Corporate Compliance and Safety.

Please call our Technical Assistance Center at (716) 859-7777 for help.

Step 3

Submit the Application and Required Forms
Send to: Kaleida Health Central Verification Office
1028 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Buffalo, NY 14202

Step 4

Appointment Fee Payment
As a convenience, you may pay your non-refundable appointment fee using any major credit card. Otherwise, please include a check as per the application instructions.