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Nursing at Kaleida Health

Philosophy of Nursing

Staff and patientOur philosophy of nursing builds upon the values, mission and vision of Kaleida Health and the concepts of man, health, environment and nursing practice. We are committed to patient and family-centeredness, quality of care, respect, social responsibility, fiscal responsiveness, professional development and professional collaboration in the provision of care along a continuum from conception through death. Nursing is committed to excellence in nursing by creating a culture of lifelong learning that integrates evidence-based practice, research and professional development.

We believe that each person comprises a unique blend of body, mind and spirit. As a unique individual functioning within a larger social community, each person deserves respect and dignity. Each person is entitled to self-determination, including the right to make decisions about his/her own health care.

We believe that health is an ever-changing process influenced by an individual's age and stage of development, personal well-being and the presence or absence of disease. Inherent in the concept of health are the individual's spiritual and cultural belief system.

Group of NursesWe believe that nursing must assume a leadership role to promote and enhance health throughout the life cycle. Nurses provide relationship-based care inclusive of family and significant others as well as the patient. As a member of the health care team, the Registered Professional Nurse is responsible for the direction and delegation of care. The Licensed Practical Nurse and the Unlicensed Assistive Personnel are integral members of the team providing quality patient care. Nurses are committed to improving the health and wellness of their communities through practice, education, research and referral.

We believe in creating a work climate for nurses that nurtures and supports clinical expertise, education, shared governance and research fostering the recruitment and retention of nursing staff who demonstrate the highest integrity, competence and qualifications.