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Kaleida Health Receives Strategic Integration Award

Updated: 8/22/2014

Spirit of Women honored Kaleida Health with the Strategic Integration of Women’s Services Award for integrating HeartCaring into its Community Service Plan 2014-2016.

Kaleida Health received the award for its alignment of Spirit of Women educational programming, community outreach, screenings and communications to support its overall strategic priorities.

To address high rates of cardiovascular disease in Erie and Niagara counties among women, Kaleida Health will:

  • Increase the percentage of women screened for cardiovascular disease at their annual OB/GYN visits.
  • Practitioners will become HeartCaring providers.
  • Encourage patients to join Spirit of Women.
  • Develop educational programing to support those at risk, or already living with, cardiovascular disease.

By screening patients, Kaleida Health will be able to offer materials and refer to a primary care physician or cardiologist for those identified as at risk for cardiovascular disease.

About HeartCaring
The HeartCaring platform is an evidence-based program through Spirit of Women that focuses on prevention and emphasizes screening and patient education to support lifestyle changes. It addresses the varying patterns of cardiovascular disease for women. The goal is to assess and modify women’s cardiovascular disease risk through gender-specific strategies including the different interventions, therapies and prevention guidelines.