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New WCHOB Medical Advisory Committee

Updated: 12/20/2013

The 2013-2014 Medical Advisory Committee for Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, a committee that is advisory to the Medical Executive Committee of Kaleida Health, has been appointed.

The committee includes at-large members representing a cross section of the medical staff, rotating members from divisions and departments throughout Women & Children’s Hospital along with physicians and administrative members of Kaleida Health.

The committee meets monthly and discusses issues of importance to Women & Children’s Hospital as well as the medical and dental staff.

The following is the Medical Advisory Committee after a recent vote that includes a new executive committee and other newly elected members:

*President: Dr. Thomas J. Langan – 2014-2016
*Vice President: Dr. Kathryn Bass – 2014-2016
*Secretary: Dr. Gil Farkash – 2014-2016
*Treasurer:  Dr. Max Chudy – a 2014-2016

Department Heads:

*Dr. Steven Awner – 2014-2016
*Dr. David Kaye – 2014-2016
*Dr. Richard Thomas – 2014-2016
*Dr. Sara Finnegan – 2013-2014

Department of Pediatrics Division Chiefs:

Dr. Jim Jarvis – 2013-2014
Dr. Scott Bouton – 2013-2014
Dr. Christopher Heard – 2013-2014
Dr. Daniel Sheehan – 2013-2014

At Large Members:

Dr. Jayson Roland – 2013-2014
Dr. Jonathan Daniels – 2013-2014
*Dr. Vanessa Barnabei – 2014-2016
*Dr. Virginia Bond – 2014-2016
*Dr. Mark Nagy – 2014-2016
*Dr. Glenn Leonard – 2014-2016
*Dr. Allan Kornberg – 2014-2016
*Dr. Pierre Williot – 2014-2016

* newly elected members