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New Buffalo Baby Café Offers Expecting and New Mothers Expert Instruction and Peer Support for Breastfeeding

Updated: 8/27/2013
A new Buffalo Baby Café at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo offers expecting or new mothers free and regular access to lactation consultants and peer support for breastfeeding on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 – 6 p.m. in the Elmwood OB/GYN Center at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

The new Buffalo Baby Café is open free of charge.  All new or expecting mothers are welcome regardless of where prenatal care is being received or the baby is planned to be delivered.  Advance registration is not necessary and babies or children are welcome to attend with a parent or parents.  Complimentary light refreshments will be served.

The new Buffalo Baby Café is staffed by certified lactation consultants who will answer questions and provide instruction for new or expecting mothers about breastfeeding.  The lactation consultants also have the ability refer the mother or baby to any of pediatric surgery or full panel of pediatric medical subspecialists as well as the obstetrical or perinatal specialists on site at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo as needed for possible follow up.

Those who visit the new Buffalo Baby Café will also enjoy the unique opportunity to share their personal experiences and support with other new or expecting mothers about breastfeeding.

It’s proven that breastfeeding is the safest and healthiest choice for babies along with providing many health-related benefits to new mothers.  Therefore, we want to encourage all new and expecting mothers to breastfeed their newborns by offering them this opportunity to visit with and learn from our lactation consultants and others at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo with related expertise.

Breast milk is proven to have many benefits for babies and their new mothers, including: 

- Lowering the chances for obesity, diabetes and other diseases for the newborn
- Providing the best food for the baby’s growth and development
- Healthy weight loss for the new mother
- Reduction in the chance of infection

Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo offers women the best option for delivering their baby as the only hospital in Western New York with a team of pediatric surgeons and a full panel of pediatric medical subspecialists on site, including the region’s largest, most advanced and safest neonatal intensive care unit.

Board Certified Obstetricians and Maternal-Fetal Specialists at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo follow the mother and baby throughout pregnancy to labor & delivery and postpartum care. The hospital-based OB/GYN laborist program ensures the delivery of evidence-based practice protocols.  Board Certified Adult Internal Medicine Specialists in-house 24/7 and Adult Surgical Services are available to respond immediately to urgent health care needs of women, if needed.

More information about lactation or maternity services at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo is available online at  This web site for Buffalo Baby, the brand for maternity services provided by Kaleida Health at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and MillardFillmoreSuburbanHospital, is designed for expectant and new parents. 

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