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Grant Awarded by the New York State Department of Health to Promote Breastfeeding

Updated: 1/11/2013
Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo has been awarded a grant by the New York State Department of Health to help raise awareness about the benefits of, and to provide instruction for, breastfeeding.  This will be accomplished, in part, by opening Western New York’s first Baby Café®, or BreastfeedingDrop-InCenter, at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and by providing increased opportunities for education and support for breastfeeding.

The Baby Café® will be a support center for mothers and families post-delivery staffed by the hospital’s International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs).  These consultants will provide professional breastfeeding support and help develop a social network of peers for these women in a comfortable and supportive environment.  Currently, there are only thirteen BreastfeedingDrop-InCenters in the United States and none in New YorkState.

To provide education, instruction and support for breastfeeding, formal and informal classes will be held at the three Women’s Health Centers operated by Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, including at the East Side Women’s Health Center, 462 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY; DeGraff Memorial Hospital, 445 Tremont Street, North Tonawanda, NY; and at Women & Children’s Hospital, 239 Bryant Street as well as at the Destination Maternity store on Walden Ave, at which Women & Children’s Hospital regularly conducts childbirth education classes..  Childbirth educators will also teach private breastfeeding classes to high-risk expectant mothers until delivery and group classes in the Mother-Baby Unit.

In addition, the grant will help Women & Children’s Hospital purchase five individual and two hospital grade multiuse breast pumps.  The individual pumps will be offered to patients to use at home while the multiuse pumps will be used for patients in the Mother-Baby Unit.

This grant was awarded by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Health Research, Inc. (HRI), a nonprofit corporation affiliated with the New York State Department of Health.  The purpose of this funding is to encourage all OB-GYN physicians and pediatricians to become breastfeeding-friendly.  Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo will collaborate on this with local outreach programs, including the WNY Healthy Lifestyles Coalition. 

As you may know, breast milk is proven to be the safest and healthiest choice for babies along with many health-related benefits to new mothers, including:

  • Prevention of excess bleeding
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Helping to shrink the uterus to pre-pregnancy size
  • Reduction in the chance of infection
  • Lowering the chances for obesity, diabetes and other diseases for the newborn
  • Providing the best food for the baby’s growth and development

More information about childbirth and breastfeeding education is available online at