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HighPointe Staff Celebrate One Year Anniversary

Updated: 12/7/2012

It appeared to be more than a coincidencethat the discovery of a time capsule in the cornerstone of Deaconess happened just three days before the one year anniversaryof HighPointe on Michigan. As plans were being made to celebrate the past years accomplishmentsof the staff of HighPointe, word came that the demolition crew taking down Deaconess had removed the cornerstone of the building and found a time capsule dating back to 1911. So on Monday, December 3, as staff were treated to pizza and beverages, the time capsule contents were revealed under the watchful eyes of media and staff.

Gloria Sanders and Kenny Bryant, both having started work at Deaconess in 1973, had the honor of opening the capsule. The contents of the metal box included six different newspapers representing the Buffalo community at that time. Two were in German. Several other documents and letters were included, but they were in an advanced state of deterioration.

Gloria reflected on the transition year from the Deaconess to a brand new facility. "This is nice here because it is all so new. I really don't miss Deaconess because it was just a building. The people are what matters and they came with us."

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