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Canadian Toy Maker Delivers 300 Wugadogs for Patients

Updated: 7/16/2012

Darrin and Janet Wilson, of Mississauga, Canada and owners of Tall Trees Toyworks, delivered 300 Wugadogs and distributed them to patients.  Thanks to the unexpected success of these a plush handmade Boston Terrier they now produce, they decided to give back in the form of children's smiles.  The Wugadogs were given to patients who are currently admitted and to those who are members of Stones Buddies, a network of chronically ill children and their families followed by Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo.

“As we don’t have any children of our own, my wife has always been involved in giving back to the community and helping children in need,” said Darrin Wilson.  “Having had friends who have had children who needed special care, my wife has always tried to contribute what she can, such as donating school supplies to impoverished children in our area, and buying Christmas dinner and presents for local families in need. This time we decided to give something back to a hospital that should be recognized for doing something special.

“When I read a story a few years ago about Ava Isabella Stinson, a premature Ontario baby who was transported to the Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo after authorities couldn't find any NICU beds for her in Canada, I learned she wasn't the first. And it was apparent she certainly wouldn't be the last. When there were no beds available at McMaster Children's Hospital in Hamilton, where I grew up, hospital officials looked for other neonatal beds in Ontario. There were none. The Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo graciously stepped up.

“I was surprised to learn the Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo has taken in dozens of Ontario premature babies that otherwise would go without care and possibly die.

Neither my wife nor I had ever gone through anything like this, but I was sure in a situation like that, there would be emotions, tears, and confusion. I had wondered if anyone had thanked the Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. Not just for taking in Ava at that time, but for all of the Ontario babies in the past, and for every baby in the future.”

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