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New Observation Unit to Improve Patient Throughput and Satisfaction

Updated: 2/10/2012

A new Observation Unit on the Variety-5 floor for patients received through the Emergency Department of Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo will open beginning Tuesday, February 14.

This Observation Unit will be dedicated for patients who are not able to be released home from the Emergency Department because they require additional medical attention, but are expected to be able to return home within 24 hours or less.   It is intended to improve the comfort and satisfaction of patients and their families who would experience prolonged emergency room visits, ensure they receive the necessary medical attention during the observation period, and allow the space and care they received in the emergency room to be re-directed to other patients in need.

Care for patients in the new Observation Unit will be managed by the pediatric hospitalist physicians with registered nurses following the patients in the unit.  These patients are considered outpatients or extended stay Emergency Department patients.  They will either be admitted to inpatient status from the Observation Unit or discharged home within 24 hours.

The phone number for the new Observation Unit is (716) 878-7055.