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Kaleida Health Logo Change

Updated: 2/15/2012

As our organization evolves to address the many challenges in today’s healthcare industry, this is the perfect time to synchronize the evolution of our most visible Kaleida Health brand: our logo.

The original logo was designed in 1998 to visually represent our name, which comes from the word kaleidoscope and is derived from the Greek words kalos (beautiful) and eidos (shape). The logo initially symbolized the broad spectrum of care our healthcare professionals provided, the coming together of our hospitals under one parent company, and the diverse communities we serve.

The new logo will be recognizable and representative of these elements, as well, but it has been slightly modified to present a more modernized, streamlined visual that reflects our current state. Although we will continue serving diverse communities (represented by people figures) and offer four acute care locations under one umbrella (represented by four hubs on two campuses), we have narrowed down the broad spectrum of care we once offered to a more focused “scope” of services that is driven by community health need (represented by a thinner font). A more modern, dark blue color has replaced our traditional (outdated) purple, and the former teal color is slightly lighter (cyan).

The new logo was launched today, February 15, 2012. Images of all corporate and site-based logos are available for download from KaleidaScope by the following path: KaleidaScope>Documents>Kaleida Health Logos & Templates.

All future documents that have a Kaleida Health logo must follow the corporate graphics standards, as defined by the Graphics Standards Manual at the above location. For assistance, contact Creative Services at 859-8068.

Note: This is a cost neutral project. Current documents, signage, etc. with the original logo will be phased out over time, so throwing out materials (and ordering all new) is not required. We will simply update the logo for new projects, or when reordering additional materials for existing items.

Respect For The Kaleida Health Brand
The purpose of a brand is to establish a positive organizational identity in the community that attracts and sustains loyal customers.

An effective brand identifies what an organization wishes to promote about its services and how it is distinct from those of its competitors. It will be recognized by customers who will then believe other positive information about the organization simply by its association.

Your respect for the integrity of the Kaleida Health brand is essential in creating these positive associations with what Kaleida Health wishes to promote: the highest quality standards in all things.

A brand can take many forms, including an organizational culture, name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan. The Graphics Standards Manual on KaleidaScope demonstrate how you can help us uphold the integrity of the Kaleida Health brand in both internal and external publications.