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Nominate a Children’s Champion!

Updated: 2/10/2012

Has someone been a great caregiver? Tell us about it!

The Family Advisory Council of Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo is seeking nominations to recognize employees who are “Children's Champions” of Patient and Family Centered Care.  Please help us by sharing how an employee has made a difference.

The key concepts of Patient & Family Centered Care are:

* Respect & Dignity—Treating others with esteem and honor

* Information Sharing—Communicating with care

* Participation—Inviting & allowing to assist with care

* Collaboration—Working in partnership

Please use the following form to nominate a staff member to be recognized as a Children's Champion:


Champion’s Name: _____________________________________________ (please write first and last name)


Department: __________________________________________________


Date: ________________________________________________________


Please give a specific example of how this person showed family centered care:






To submit a nomination, if you have questions or for more information, please contact Ann Maghran, Family Centered Care Coordinator, by phone: (716) 878-1839, via email amaghran@kaleidahealth.org or inter-office mail.


Your Name:  ___________________________________________


Your phone number: ____________________________________


Are you: ___ patient     ___ family      ___visitor      ___staff


Children's Champions will be chosen by the Family Advisory Council.  Thank you for helping us recognize “Children's Champions” of Family Centered Care at the Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo!