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Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo
Conference Rm., 5th floor
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222

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Ready, Set, Parent!

EPIC (Every Person Influences Children) and Baker Victory Services have collaborated to provide newborn classes at area birthing hospitals and FREE weekly workshops for parents of infants and toddlers at various community locations throughout Western New York, including Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo.

In the hospital, parents of newborns are greeted by a Ready, Set, Parent! hospital coordinator and are invited to attend a Newborn Class, which are currently held at Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo. In the Newborn Class parents learn:

  • What to expect in the first few weeks
  • All about crying
  • Recognizing postpartum depression
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Beginning literacy

Free topical workshops in the community include discussions and activities on "Tuning In to Your Baby," "Coping with Stress and Helping Your Child to Cope," "Learning Through Play," "Establishing Routines," "Setting Limits," and "Promoting Literacy." Workshops are fun, informative and feature "Ask the Doctor," too! The series also includes two Doctor Talks on "Infant Sleep & Nutrition" and "Safety in the Home & Childhood Illnesses." Sessions are hosted by trained staff and medical professionals.

To find out more about area workshops, please visit www.epicforchildren.org. To register for free workshops please call (716) 332-4153.

For additional information go to: http://www.epicforchildren.org