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Cardiac Services
Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS)

Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) is a catheter-based system that allows physicians to acquire images of diseased vessels from inside the artery.

A miniature sound probe (transducer) on the tip of a coronary catheter is threaded through the coronary arteries and, using high-frequency sound waves, produces detailed images of the interior walls of the arteries to detect blood vessel blockages and other problems such as aneurysms.

The doctor uses IVUS to:

  • View the artery from the inside out, making it possible to evaluate the amount of disease present and what it is made of
  • Determine the need for further treatment (angioplasty or bypass surgery)
  • Determine the need for aggressive prevention therapies before chest pain and/or other symptoms and advanced heart disease begin

The IVUS procedure takes about 60 minutes.

The following physicians perform these procedures:

Cardiology Group of WNY
(716) 677-6800
Salvatore Calandra, MD
Nadeem Haq, MD

Buffalo Heart Group
(716) 835-2966
Joseph Gelormini, MD
A.R. Zaki Masud, MD
Phong Nguyen-Ho, MD
Philip Sullivan, MD

Buffalo Medical Group
Eli Farhi, MD
(716) 857-8611
William Morris, MD
(716) 857-8659

James Conley, MD
(716) 859-2981
John Visco, MD
(716) 859-2748

Northtowns Cardiology
(716) 580-3810
Kishor Phadke, MD

UB Cardiology
(716) 859-2573
Vijay Iyer, MD