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Retinal Surgical Services

Our vision is just one of the miracles of life that we take for granted.  Even corrective lenses are a mere inconvenience. The reality of the complex workings of the eye creates a true appreciation for those that dedicate themselves to the medical management of healthy vision.

Among the most damaging injuries to the eye are those that affect the retina, a thin tissue inside the eye composed of layers of light-sensitive cells which send visual information to the brain.   In the United States alone, one of every 10,000 people experiences a retinal detachment.  Loss of vision is almost always associated with a detachment and immediate follow up surgery is necessary for successful intervention.

DeGraff Memorial Hospital in North Tonawanda is proud to be the center for Western New York Retinal Surgical Services. Eleven of the finest board-certified ophthalmologists specializing in retina-vitreous surgery are now performing these intricate procedures at DeGraff. Martin Boscerino, MD; Christopher Jermak, MD; Henry Lee, MD; Mehdi Khan, DO; Paul Lee, MD; Gareth Lema, MD; Ramakrishna Ratnakaram, MD; James Reidy, MD; Joseph Murphy, MD; Saralyn Notaro, MD; and Dilip Patel, MD utilize the latest in ophthalmology technique and state of the art instrumentation to assure their patients the very best outcomes. DeGraff Memorial Hospital, a Kaleida Health facility, offers the specialty equipment needed for such delicate surgeries as well as easy access for patients from most locations throughout Western New York.