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Bereavement Support Services
Website Links

Website Links

www.starfoundation.net (name a star after your child)
www.alivealone.org (only child death)
www.angelfire.com (create site to honor child)
www.agast.org (grandparents)
www.bereavedfamilies.net (family grief)
www.bereavedparents.com (loss of a child)
www.centering.org (books relating to loss)
www.compassionatefriends.org (self-help support)
www.grieflink.asn.au (general loss)
www.griefwarehouse.org (loss of a child)
www.griefnet.org (grief resources)
www.jennadruck.org (sudden death)
www.healingheart.net (bereaved parents)
www.juliesplace.com (sibling loss)
www.kidsaid.com (children share their sorrow)
www.moms-dads.com/ (family grief after the death of a child)
www.pomc.com (parents of murdered children)
www.webhealing.com (men in grief)
www.twinlesstwins.org (loss of twin)
www.misschildren.org (perinatal/infant loss)
www.aplacetoremember.com (baby loss)
www.hygeia.org (pregnancy or neonatal loss)
www.handonline.org (loss of baby before, during, after)
www.angels4ever.com (miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal or SIDS loss)
www.bornangels.com (pregnancy, infertility, neonatal loss)
www.tearsoup/pl/certificate_of_life.htm (certificate acknowledging baby’s life)
www.aheartbreakingchoice.net (interrupted pregnancy after poor prenatal diagnosis)