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Suggestions for Dealing with Grief

Some suggestions that may help you make a healthier adjustment after the death of your child:

  1. Accept the fact that no amount of wishful thinking can bring back your child.
  2. Express your grief in any way that is necessary, as long as you do not harm yourself or another living thing.
  3. Make an effort to get up every day and accomplish at least one task. 
  4. Assume that you have to help yourself instead of letting time solve all.
  5. Remember that many others have experienced grief and sorrow, and if they haven’t, they truly do not know what to say.
  6. Form new relationships and develop new interests.
  7. Talk about your loss to the very unique few who are willing to listen.
  8. Recognize that we will always be scarred, but the pain will lessen with time.
  9. Expect your “new and different life” to follow a pattern of “two steps forward and one step backward.”
  10. Try to build a new life instead of trying to keep things the same.
  11. Accept the emotional support of others.
  12. Move into a deeper spiritual life—look for meaning beyond the five sensory world.
  13. Pay attention to your finances and don’t overspend.
  14. Have close ties with family or anyone who can be supportive.
  15. Accept your sorrow instead of trying to escape from it.