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Bereavement Support Services

Bereaved Parents

Finding Hope When a Child Dies - Sukie Miller, Ph.D.
After The Death of a Child - Ann Finkbeiner
A Broken Heart Still Beats - Ann Mccracken / Mary Semel
Lament For A Son - N. Wolterstorff
The Disappearance: A Primer Of Loss - G. Jurgensen
When The Bough Breaks - J. Bernstein, Ph.D.
Into The Valley And Out Again - Richard Edler
Later Courtney - Susan Evan
Roses In December - Marilyn Willett Heavilin
Standing Beside You - Linda Mauer
Hannah’s Gift - Maria Housden
Letters To My Son: A Journey Thru Grief - Mitch Carmody 
Quit Kissing My Ashes - Judy Colllier
A Grace Disguised - Jerry Sittser
Ordinary People - Judith Guest
A Child Dies: A Portrait of a Family’s Grief - Joan Arnold
Recovering From The Loss of a Child - Kath. Donnelly
After Death: Mapping The Journey - Sukie Miller
Beyond Endurance: When A Child Dies - Ronald Knapp
Helping Your Marriage Survive The Death Of A Child - Paul Rosenblatt
Death In The Family - J. Agee
On Life After Death -Kubler-Ross, M.D.
Life Lessons - Kubler-Ross, M.D.
Questions & Answers On Death & Dying - Kubler-Ross, M.D.
The Wheel Of Life - Kubler-Ross, M.D.
When Bad Things Happen to Good People - Harold Kushner
Living With Loss After A Sudden Death
- Ken Doka
When Good-Bye Is Forever: Learning To Live Again - John Bramblett
Life Is Goodbye, Life Is Hello
- Bozarth-Campbell
Handling The Holidays - B. Conley
It Must Hurt A Lot
- D. Sanford
Living Through Mourning - H. Sarnoff-Schiff
Living When A Loved One Has Died - Earl Grollman
Understanding Grief - Alan Wolfelt
Surviving The Death Of A Child - John Minday
After The Darkest Hour The Sun Will Shine Again - Elizabeth Mehren
The Five People You’ll Meet In Heaven - Mitch Alborn
Surviving Grief - Dr. C. Sanders
At The Seat Of The Soul - Gary Zukav
Transcending Loss - A. Davis-Prend
The Mourning Handbook - H. Fitzgerald
Talking About Death - Earl Grollman
Healing Your Traumatized Heart - Alan Wolfelt
Food For The Soul - Andrea Gambill
The Bereaved Parent - H. Sarnoff-Schiff
The Journey Through Grief - Alan Wolfelt
Will Our Tears Forever Flow - Ted Wampler
My Teen Angel - Sally Silagy
The Blessings Of A Broken Heart
- Sherri Mandell

Death of an Only Child

First You Die - Marie Levine
For You From Sacha - Sacha Wagner
And Then There Was One - Margo & Matt Williams
Perfect Vision
- Sharon Brunner
Standing Beside You - Linda Mauer
Parting Is Not Goodbye - Kelly Osmon


Death Of A Child By Suicide - Iris Bolton
My Son, My Son - Iris Bolton
After Suicide - John Hewett
The Enigma Of Suicide - Geo. Howe Colt
Suicide: Why? 85 Ques. & Answers - Adina Wrobleski
A Message Of Hope - Pat. Harness-Overley
Breaking The Silence - Linda Goldman
Suicide of a Child - Adina Wrobleski

Men and Grief

Swallowed By A Snake - Thomas Golden
When Men Grieve - Eliz. Levang, Ph.D.
Into The Cave - Dr. Ron Petrie
Andy’s Mountain - Dwight Paiton

Perinatal Loss/Loss of an Infant

Miscarriage - Sherokee Ilse
Help, Comfort And Hope - Hannah Lathrop
When Hello Means Goodbye - Centering Corp.
Empty Cradlel, Broken Heart
- Deborah Davis, Ph.D.
Empty Arms - Sherokee Ilse
Unsupported Losses - Sherokee Ilse
Stillbirth - Deborah Davis, Ph.D.
Silent Sorrow - Ingrid Kohn
Sids & Infant Death Survival Guide - Joni Horchler
When A Baby Dies
- Compassionate Friends

Sudden Unexpected Loss

No Time For Goodbyes - Janice Harris-Lord
What To Do When The Police Leave - Bill Jenkins
I Wasn’t Ready To Say Goodbye - Brook Noel

Bereaved Grandparents

A Grandparent’s Sorrow - Centering Corp.
Grieving Grandparents - Sherokee Ilse
The Grief Of Grandparents - Centering Corp.
For Bereaved Grandparents - Margaret Gerner
Guilt And Anger - A Guide To Understanding Guilt - Robert Baugher
Understanding Anger - Robert Baugher

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