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Visitation Guidelines


At Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, we consider parents and legal guardians to be part of the health care team. Our policy is to promote Patient and Family Centered Care, while considering patient/visitor/staff safety, as well as patient confidentiality and a need for rest. Parents, legal guardians, and grandparents are welcome at any time, day or night, unless there is a safety or patient care concern.

**There are additional guidelines for specialty units, such as the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Labor and Delivery, Same Day Surgery, and Women’s Services.  Those guidelines are posted in this section. If you have questions regarding visitation, please contact the unit manager with any questions.

Staying Overnight

Children are comforted when a family member can stay in the hospital with them. Patient rooms have a sleeper chair or sofa for one parent, grandparent or legal guardian. View a list of items you can bring to the hospital.

Patient Visiting Hours

Siblings, family and friends may visit between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. daily. Children visiting under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Number of Visitors

Most units allow up to four family members/ visitors at a time. There may be special circumstances that allow for alteration to this policy. Additional visitors may wait in the cafeteria.


For all patients’ safety, families, visitors and outpatients are required to stop at the Information or Security desk on the first floor before their visit, to obtain an Identification sticker. Each family member/visitor is asked to provide photo ID. If photo ID is not available, a photo of the visitor will be taken. An identification sticker is then created for the family member/visitor to wear during their visit to the hospital.

A pass is required to visit the hospital beyond the first floor area. Parents will be issued a visitation wristband by the admitting nurse upon arrival to the floor their child is being admitted to. Parents should keep the wristband on for the length of their child’s stay. Future visits will require parents to show the wristband to the information/security desk.

PICU Visiting Guidelines

Parents/Guardians are welcome at any time. Visitors must be approved by the patient’s parents/guardians.

If you feel that a sibling visit would be beneficial, please discuss this with your child’s nurse.

Four (4) people at the bedside at a time.

Visitors are welcome from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Please remember our children need rest, so we strive to keep the PICU a quiet and restful place. Parents and visitors must remain in their child’s room for confidentiality and infection control reasons.

There is room for one parent to sleep at the bedside. Sibling overnight visits are not permitted.
Please visit when you are healthy.


Newborn ImageLabor & Delivery Visiting Guidelines

The birth of your baby is an exciting time for you and your family Visitation is encouraged to promote a family centered environment. Our priority is to give the best experience possible. Please help us maintain a safe environment for you & your family by following these guidelines.

In the triage area visitors are limited to only one support person due to our limited space.

We ask that during your stay on labor and delivery no more than two chosen support persons are present. At any given time staff may need to ask support persons to step into the waiting area to assure patient safety and privacy.  If delivery must occur in the operating room, one support person may be permitted if circumstances allow.

In following hospital policy, we ask that no visitors under the age of 14 be on the third floor.

Cell phones cannot be used for recording or picture taking during delivery Ask staff prior to using them in any photos.

Anyone who is sick or has been exposed to an infectious disease should not visit.

Women’s and Children’s Hospital is a smoke free facility. No smoking is allowed on hospital property.

Per federal law, staff is not permitted to give any information over the phone.

Please be courteous to all patients and understand some may be severely ill or may be going through difficult situations.

Thank you for choosing Women’s and Children’s Hospital to be a part of
your birthing experience.

Thank you,
Labor & Delivery Staff

To learn more about delivering at Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo, please click here.

Mother-Baby Unit Visiting Guidelines

Dear friends of the new family,

Welcome! Your visit reflects a loving community of support, which is important to every new family. We would like to offer some ideas on ways you can help the new family.

At the hospital:

  • Always wash your hands before touching the baby. Please don’t visit if you are feeling ill.
  • Consider keeping your visit brief, about 15 -30 minutes. This has several benefits: new parents will be less exhausted, nurses can spend more time teaching infant care, and babies can be fed when hungry. Feeding is a learning experience for both baby and mother and can be difficult in a room full of people.
  • Ask the new family how you can help when they return home. Parents have told us that the following things really helped them in the first month:
    • Bring over a few meals that can go from freezer to oven.
    • Offer to drop by to do a few household tasks, such as laundry, grocery shopping, lawn mowing, or housecleaning.
    • If there are other children in the family, offer to take care of the other children for a few hours.
    • After a few weeks, offer to come over and watch the baby for an hour or two while the new parents go out.

At home, when you call or visit:

  • Ask how the parents are doing, as well as how the new baby is doing.
  • Offer lots of words of praise for the good job they are doing. All new parents need support in the hard work of taking care of their baby.
  • Stress to parents that this is their special time to be “taken care of” by others; they should not have to care for anyone but the baby.
  • It is usually best to offer advice only when asked for advice. New parents get so much advice they often feel overwhelmed. Support them as they learn about their role and this new unique baby. They will really appreciate knowing you support their decisions about how they care for their baby.
  • If concerns are expressed about the health of mom or baby, encourage the parents to call their doctor for guidance.

We hope these suggestions have been helpful to you. We are glad you came to visit! All new parents need to know others care about their new family.

Warm regards,
The Staff of Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Mother-Baby Unit

Family and Friends in the NICU


  • Parents are the most important people in the life of an infant.
  • Parents of patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit are welcomed 24 hours per day. 
  • We encourage parents to be present for bedside rounds on their babies when possible. 

Other Family Members

  • Family members may be invited by the parents to be at the bedside with them. 
  • For the safety and care of your child and other patients in the NICU, there is a limit of 3 people at each bedside. 
  • Parents can choose up to 4 adults who may visit the NICU without them. 
  • While these family members and friends are in the NICU, they can see your baby, but will not receive medical information due to the patients’ and parents’ rights related to confidential health information.

Brothers & Sisters

  • The baby’s brothers and sisters (5 years of age or older) are welcomed in the NICU for short periods of time based on their developmental stage.
  • 20 minutes is generally what is recommended.
  • It is always a good idea to arrange this type of visit with your baby’s bedside nurse to avoid disappointment for the big brother or sister if your baby is not having a good day.

Risk of Infection

  • Throughout the year, but especially during the cold and flu season, we ask that parents help us to protect these medically fragile babies by discouraging family members who are sick from coming to the hospital.
  • At times of high risk of viral illness in the community, the above policy may be limited.

Ambulatory Surgery Visitation Guidelines

In an effort to provide quality patient care, protect our patients and families from potential exposure and transmission of viruses and bacteria, as well as to address concerns shared by former patients and families about privacy, we are instituting a limited visitation policy for all ambulatory surgery patients

Each ambulatory surgery patient utilizing T9 Same Day Surgery or the V4 Minor Procedure Area may be accompanied by two (2) healthy adults. Alternate arrangements need to be made for other children in the family. If additional family members or visitors come to the hospital, they will need to wait in the lobby or cafeteria areas on the first floor.

If the patient is going to remain in the hospital overnight or for an extended period of time, the visitation policy for the unit the patient is on will be in effect.

Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

**There may be updated guidelines as needed during times of increased flu activity.