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Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo
Alford Auditorium
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222

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Humanism Rounds: Sarkin-Paroski Humanism Rounds

Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo is excited to announce the new Sarkin-Paroski Humanism Rounds, renamed in memory of two highly influential physicians, Dr Richard Sarkin and Dr. John Paroski. 

This style of rounds is a refocused outgrowth of the Schwartz Center Rounds in which caregivers and others discuss difficult emotional and social issues that arise when caring for patients.  The first scheduled gathering of the Sarkin-Paroski Humanism Rounds is Friday, February 28 from 12 noon to 1 p.m. in Alford Auditorium of Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

Named to honor the memory and the significance of their impact on developing a humanistic approach to the delivery of health care in Buffalo and throughout the world, the Humanism Rounds will reflect the visions of late Dr. Richard Sarkin and Dr. John Paroski.  The Sarkin-Paroski Humanism Rounds will strive to be a beacon of humanistic patient care at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.  The practice and teaching of compassion and empathetic care are important to reaching this goal.

As the Schwartz Center Rounds did for almost five years, the Sarkin-Paroski Humanism Rounds will occur every two months on the second Friday of the month at 12 noon in Alford Auditorium (except for the first humanism rounds on Friday, Feb. 28 at 12 noon).  See complete schedule below.  Lunch will continue to be provided for those who attend and participate.

All are welcome to attend the first Sarkin-Paroski Humanism Rounds to learn more about the namesakes of these Humanism Rounds and to share stories about these two great community physicians or a mentor/teacher that significantly impacted your career. 

If you are unable to attend but would like to share a memory of the late Dr. Richard Sarkin or Dr. John Paroski, or have suggestions for future Humanism Rounds, please contact Dr. Colleen Nugent at cnugent@buffalo.edu by Friday, February 21.

More information about the Sarkin-Paroski Humanism Rounds will continue to be available and updated on this web page.

The Sarkin-Paroski Humanism Rounds 2014 Schedule:

Friday, February 28
Friday,  April 11
Friday, June 13
Friday, September 12
Friday, October 10
Friday, December 12