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Safety & Security, Parking

The Security Department at Women & Children's Hospital is responsible for ensuring the security and safety of all people interacting within the WCHOB facility and its campus. The department is also responsible for all campus parking and enforcement

Women & Children's Hospital Security Department operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

WCHOB's security team works closely with the security departments at other Kaleida Health hospitals along with local and federal regulatory agencies to develop, implement and monitor safety and security programs with the objective of ensuring a safe and orderly environment.

The Security Department continuously conducts surveys to establish vulnerabilities and safety hazards, prepares contingency plans for major disturbances and ensures security awareness through education aimed to encourage a safety- and security-conscious attitude among the hospital’s employees.

The department's goal is to provide the most risk-free environment possible. The security department also manages and enforces all campus parking to ensure adequate and safe parking is available for all of the hospital's patrons.