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National rates of morbid obesity are skyrocketing. An estimated 5 to 10 million Americans are considered morbidly obese, and many Americans are turning to weight loss (or "bariatric") surgery for treatment. For Western New Yorkers and Canadians seeking this procedure, Alan Posner, M.D., Aaron B. Hoffman, M.D., and John Butsch, M.D., of the Kaleida Health Bariatric Division at Buffalo General Medical Center, are proving to be patients’ best options for safety and results.

Morbid obesity is a chronic disease, meaning that its symptoms build slowly over an extended period of time. Obesity becomes "morbid" when it reaches the point of significantly increasing the risk of one or more obesity-related health conditions or serious diseases (also known as co-morbidities) that can result either in significant physical disability or even death. 

Welcome to weight loss...and better health

The growing use of weight loss surgery to treat morbid obesity is the result of three factors: current knowledge of the significant health risks of morbid obesity; the relatively low risk and complications of the procedures versus not having surgery; and the ineffectiveness of current non-surgical approaches to produce sustained weight loss.

Doctors Posner, Hoffman and Butsch specialize in minimally invasive laparoscopic adjustable banding (Lap-Band™) and gastric bypass procedures, which use smaller incisions for less scarring, decreased pain, fewer complications and faster recovery times for patients than the traditional "open surgery" methods offered at other hospitals. They were the first locally to offer laparoscopic bariatric surgery, and they remain the only weight-loss surgeons in the region to be fellowship-trained in laparoscopy.

This website provides valuable information about the benefits and risks of weight loss surgery. However, the best way to get a full assessment of your condition is to schedule a consultation to determine if weight loss surgery may be an option for you.

The Kaleida Health Bariatric Division has earned certification as a Program of Medical Excellence by Univera Healthcare.

To request additional information please complete the program information request form or call the application line at (716) 859-2067 and leave your full name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone numbers.


The Team

Alan Posner MD, FACS - Surgical Director of Bariatrics, Kaleida Health
Aaron B Hoffman MD, FACS - Chief of Surgery, Kaleida Health; 
                                                 Medical Director, Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery
John Butsch MD, FACS - Chief of Robotic Surgery, Buffalo General Medical Center

Barbara Lahrs, MSN - Administrative Nurse Practitioner / Bariatric Coordinator
Kimberly Pierce, MSN - Clinical Nurse Practitioner
Laurie Schmidt, MSN - Clinical Nurse Practitioner
Susan Tobias, MSN - Clinical Nurse Practitioner
Jeanne Lew-Phillips, MS - Registered Dietician
Geraldine Stark - Physical Therapist

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