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Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222

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Pediatric Critical Care

The Division of Pediatric Critical Care is part of UBMD Pediatrics and affiliated with the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo is a 20-bed multidisciplinary medical/surgical unit that serves 1,200 infants and children per year. As the only children's hospital and the only Pediatric ICU in Western New York, WCHOB cares for a broad spectrum of general pediatric injuries and illnesses and for all categories of subspecialty disease.

Our division provides 24/7 physician care to patients with extremely severe heart and lung dysfunction. Every attending physician is board-certified in both pediatrics and critical care medicine. Expertise in a broad spectrum of life support modalities, including high frequency oscillatory ventilation, inhaled nitric oxide therapy, and inhaled anesthesia for bronchodilation in the treatment of life threatening asthma is offered. A team of physicians, surgeons, nurses and respiratory therapists collaborate to provide heart-lung bypass support (ECMO) to patients with severe cardiopulmonary failure. The PICU serves as the critical care arm of the WCHOB Level 1 Trauma Center.

Our division includes six faculty members, with a wide array of secondary interests and commitments, including pediatric anesthesia, toxicology, emergency medicine and cardio-respiratory support. We work closely with the Pediatric Transport Team who safely and effectively brings the ill and injured to WCHOB by ambulance, helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. Our critical care providers also work with the WCHOB Rapid Response team to enhance the safety and effectiveness of the general wards of the hospital.

Our division has a fellowship program for advanced training in Pediatric Critical Care, and trains residents in Pediatrics, Pediatric and Adult Emergency Medicine, and Anesthesiology.

Located on the second floor, the PICU is modern in design and well-equipped. The dedicated nursing team is innovative, experienced and provides exceptional bedside care.

Our Critical Care Program is embedded in the University at Buffalo and has laboratory space on its South Campus.