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Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222

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Child Life Department

  • The Child Life “Poodle Gals”

    The Child Life “Poodle Gals” get ready for their annual parade with the patients on Halloween.

  • Halloween Parade

    Tara Young enjoys the Halloween parade with all of the patients.

  • The Child Life “Poodle Gals”

    Dale, RN, and Deb King from Child Life help Jonathan open up a Wii gift for the CF patients on V10.

  • Gingerbread House Party

    The Buffalo Bills players and wives help out at a gingerbread house party with Child Life Specialist McKenzie Mattison.

  • Child Life Teddy Bear Clinic

    Child Life Specialist Deb King and Erin Cavarello give a doll a check up at the Teddy Bear Clinic.

  • Teddy Bear Clinic

    Ella experiments with the anesthesia mask at the Child Life Teddy Bear Clinic.

  • Medical learning session

    Child Life Specialist McKenzie Mattison has a medical play session with Samantha learning all about PICC lines.

  • Parachute Play in the V9

    Nathan enjoys music and parachute play in the V9 playroom before his surgery.

  • Teddy Bear Clinic

    Child Life Specialists Tara Young and McKenzie Mattison get ready to teach kids about surgery at the Teddy Bear Clinic.