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Opinion Sought from City Planning Board on Draft of New Hospital Massing Plan

The image below displaying a proposed building floor plate and hospital access to adjacent streets for Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo’s physician-led plans on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus will be shared during a meeting this week to obtain an early opinion from the City of Buffalo Planning Board, which is the City’s lead approving agency for this project.

This concept drawing includes a rough landscaping plan, a diagram of the driveway entrance and lay out of the buildings. However, this does not represent a formal submission of plans to the City and no action on the proposed plans will be taken by the Planning Board during this meeting. The purpose of the meeting is rather to help move forward the internal design process in a way that will be consistent with the City's goals and expectations.

Ultimately, this is a first step of the process needed to obtain the necessary City approvals for constructing the building.  This process will include a massing plan approval, a height variance, an airport permit (helipad) and easements for tunnels/walkways. It’s anticipated that the Physician-led Steering Committee will review and finalize a formal approval application to be submitted to the Planning Board by June 15.

The image below will be presented to the City of Buffalo Planning Board:

WCHOB Concept Plan