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Inpatient Admissions

Women & Children's medical staff members may admit patients by calling (716) 878-7355 and have the chief resident on call paged.

Physicians not on staff may refer patients for admission by calling the Pediatric Referral Service (PRS) at (716) 878-7373 or 1-800-878-1946.

Scheduled Admits (Admit tomorrow or at some future date)

Call Admissions at (716) 878-7208. Any scheduled admits after 4:00 PM should report to the Emergency Department registration desk.

Information Needed

Please provide the following before admission:

  • Patient's name and birth date
  • Arrival date, time and mode of transportation
  • Admitting diagnosis, estimated length of stay and plan
  • Classification elective
  • Special need (interpreter, developmental delay, social concerns)
  • Possible exposure to contagious disease (chicken pox, measles or other)
  • Admitting physician name and telephone number
  • Insurance information (authorization obtained if necessary)

Direct Admits for Medical Staff Members (Same day as admission)

Same day elective admission is effected through the Chief Resident on call at (716) 878-7355. After they have obtained all needed information, they will contact the resident physician who will care for the patient in the hospital. Elective admissions will not be accepted after 4 p.m. on weekends or holidays. Such patients must be triaged through the Emergency Department.

Direct Admits for Non-Staff Members

Direct admits should go through the Pediatric Referral Service (PRS) at (716) 878-7373 or 1-800-878-1946. Non-staff members will speak with the access nurse, and after the nurse has collected the identifying information, the physician will be connected to the resident physician.

Hospital Transfers (patients transported by medical personnel directly from another hospital)

To arrange for a transfer, contact the Emergency Department transfer line at (716) 878-7800.

Referring Patients to Women & Children's Clinics

Call the clinic directly (see specialty clinic). If an appointment for a future date needs to be scheduled, ask to speak with a patient care coordinator. Provide any pertinent clinical information, medical records, X-rays, etc. to the clinic directly. For managed care patients, please fax the insurance authorization (referral) to the clinic.

Helping Families Prepare for Visit to Women & Children's Hospital

Coming to Women & Children's for a hospitalization or clinic visit can be stressful for any family. The following information will help prepare for the basic needs during the stay.

  • Once the patient's care is under way on an inpatient unit, a nurse will meet with the family in the unit to admit the patient and provide general resource information. The admitting department obtains as much demographic information as possible from the private physician or transferring hospital before the patient arrives. This helps facilitate a smooth transition for the admission process, avoids possible delays in the admission department and, most importantly, allows the parent to stay with their sick or injured child to provide comfort and support.
  • Parents and legal guardians are encouraged to be with their hospitalized children.
  • Parents should come prepared to pay for their own food, housing and transportation.
  • Families in need of local or other hospital resources, such as churches, public health nurses, DSHS workers, family resource coordinators, community crisis information, referral centers, patient financial services, Ronald McDonald House and others, can contact Roseann Kelly, Manager, Patient Management Services, at (716) 878-7616 or Ann Maghram, Family Centered Care Coordinator, at (716) 878-1839. They or a nurse can help patients obtain any information or service in the community or within the hospital needed.
  • Patient Management Coordinators are Registered Nurses who are responsible for the overall coordination of patient care, from admission to discharge. This helps ensure that special needs of patients and families are identified and addressed in a timely and appropriate manner. These coordinators serve as the primary liaison between physician, patient, family and other members of the healthcare team.